Thursday, May 20, 2010

See What Tree Roots Can Do to Your Foundation

Sidewalk broken by tree roots
Have you ever walked down thge sidewalk or the street and seen a flower poking its head out of a crack? How about something larger? In older neighborhoods it's not uncommon to see concrete slabs of sidewalk pushed up and cattywampus by tree roots.

Now, picture all that happening under your house. You may think that because your house is bigger and heavier than a section of sidewalk, it's immune to heaving and other movement caused by tree roots. However, your slab foundation is just as susceptible to damage by tree roots as the sidewalk in front of your house.

What can you do to prevent foundation problems due to tree roots? Well, when you're planning on new landscaping, make sure trees and other plants (even shrubs can damage your foundation) are planted sufficiently far away from the foundation.

To prevent roots from encroaching under your foundation, you should install root barriers. Root barriers stop tree roots from getting under your concrete slab foundation and pulling moisture from the soil, which can cause the foundation to settle. Root barriers can be made of concrete or plastic (corrugated vinyl, for instance). Ace Foundation, however, installs a tough, flexible material designed to resist cracking due to soil movement or new root pressure.

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Photo by Flickr user Wouter Verhelst.


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